Jeanne A. Benas

Jeanne A. Benas

“I appreciate so much your skill, brains and humor…your speed and professionalism.”  Margaret Hartley, Sunday/Features Editor, Daily Gazette

“What can I say?…Once again, you’ve pulled your magical talents from that creative mind of yours…” and developed another fantastic caricature for our group to enjoy for years to come.”  Richard Hotaling, Association and Creative Services Manager – New York Press Association

“On behalf of NABA, Michele and I would like to thank you for darwing caricatures at the Tulip Ball.  The guests certainly enjoyed it, and it makes the evening special.”  Gail Hessney and Michele  O’Hare,  NABA-Northeastern Association of the Blind at Albany

“I heard you never had an empty chair…!  The guests thoroughly enjoyed getting such a professional momento for the evening.  Thank you for supporting the ADK Black Fly Affairs.”  Deborah Zak, ADK- Adirondak Mountain Club

“You were a big success and the only complaint I heard is that you stopped!  Everyone LOVED your work and thought it was a super fun idea to add to the event!”  Lisa Munter for the Karen & Gary Dake Foundation

“How beautiful.  You do amazing work, I can’t thank you enough.” Kinberleigh A. Phelan, Vice President, M&T Bank

“On behalf of the International Center of the Capital Region…Thank you, thank,you, thank you.” We are so appreciative of your generosity and your willingness to share both your talent and time.”  Diane Conroy-LaCivita, Executive Director

“I revealed the caricature  at my farewell lunch today, it was a blast!  Pete was so touched,…  I would like to thank you for your great work.”   Joyce, GE Research

“I loved it, he loved it–It was perfect!  You really outdid yourself, getting all the details right.  Even the part in his hair!”  Annie,  Any Anthill Productions

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