Caricatures from Life


“A picture is worth a thousand words, but a caricature is worth a million laughs.” ™

Ideal for Trade Shows, Conventions, Fundraisers, Holiday Events, Parties, Banquets, Galas, Weddings, Reunions, Grand Openings, Customer Appreciation

“Lightning Likenesses” are what Jeanne A. Benas calls her quick, colorful caricatures from life. And lightning speed is how she does them. In just 3 minutes or less, even before you can say “just a little off the jowls, please,” she’s captured your likeness on paper in colorful pastels.

Ms. Benas is a well-known area artist, with over 20 years of professional caricature experience and over 1000 appearances to her credit. Ms. Benas is a “quick-draw artist” working at all types of events, from black-tie to outdoor picnics. Her humorous and humane caricatures are not just memorable souvenirs for each person, but also a unique form of entertainment for all.

Jeanne A. Benas working on a Characture from Life


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