Caricatures from Photos

Ideal for Advertising – from billboards to websites for Editorial use – book and magazine illustrations as well as for Personal Gifts and Awards. Ms. Benas is a second generation caricature artist, following in the footsteps of her mother,Kay Kato, a nationally known cartoonist.   Ms. Benas has drawn caricatures for such notables as Tonight Show host Jay Leno, former NYS Governor Mario Cuomo, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, past NYS Governor George Pataki, comic strip artist Lynn Johnston, entertainer Tiny Tim, Albany Mayor Gerald Jennings, and many other national and local celebrities.

Member of the National Caricaturist Network


Here’s what a few recipients of her caricatures have written:

• “Thanks!  It’s the best!”  – Jay Leno, Tonight Show

• “Thanks for the great rendering – you have a lot of talent.” – Conan O’Brien, Late Night

• “You made me look too good.  Thanks.” – Craig Ferguson, Late Late Show

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